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Centerville Public School
610 Lincoln St.
Centerville SD 57014  
Phone: 605-563-2291   
 Fax: 605-563-2615

Last Updated:09/22/2014




Congratulations to the MS Irene-Wakonda/Centerville FB team for winning the championship at the Scotland MS FB Jamboree last Saturday!!


Congratulations to Nick Wixon for placing 2nd at the Freeman Academy CC Invite!!

This year's  homecoming theme is "Music Music Music"!
We will kick start the week on Monday, September 29th, dress up days are as follow:
Mon - Rock Star, Pajama, & Superhero Day!!
Tues - Hobo or Toga Day!!
Wed - Neon, Nerd, & Bad Hair Day!!
Thurs - Purple & Gold Day
Friday - Spirit day


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Centerville School District, in collaboration with parents and the community, will empower students to become productive citizens possessing the necessary skills for lifelong learning.