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Centerville Public School
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Centerville SD 57014  
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This year's  homecoming theme is "Music Music Music"!
Wed - Neon, Nerd, & Bad Hair Day!!
Thurs - Purple & Gold Day
Friday - Spirit day

Congratulations to the following students for being named High School and Middle School Student of the Month for September!

High School - Kristina Laska
Middle School - Amanda Knutson


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Congratulations to Josie Poppenga for being named Homecoming Queen and to Nick Wixon for being named Homecoming King!! Today is Neon, Nerd & Bad Hair Day!! Tomorrow is Purple & Gold Day!!



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Upcoming Events

Oct. 1 - Cross Country @ Parker

Oct. 2 - 4:00pm JH VB @ Tyndall
          - 5:30pm TVC VB Tournament - HERE

Oct. 3 - 1:00pm Homecoming Parade
          - 7:00pm Football vs. I/W - Here
          - 9:30pm -12:00am Homecoming Dance

Oct. 4 - 4:00pm TVC VB Tournament @ Alcester






Mission Statement:

Centerville School District, in collaboration with parents and the community, will empower students to become productive citizens possessing the necessary skills for lifelong learning.