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Centerville Public School
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Last Updated:12/18/2014


Happy Holidays!!





Congratulations to the following students for being named High School and Middle School Student of the Month for November!

High School - Shannon O'Malley
Middle School - Blake Johnson

Click the link below to see the schedule for this year's Parkston Classic! Our Boy's Basketball team will be taking on Corsica-Stickney at 3:00pm!

2014 Parkston Classic


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Mr. Muller & Mr. Evans on Ugly Sweater Day!


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Upcoming Events

Dec. 18 *6:00 2nd grade GBB Practice (Gold Gym)
  *7:00 6th BBB vs. Beresford (Gold Gym)
Dec. 19 *12:00 Dismissal (Christmas Break)
  *End of 2nd Quarter
  *12:00-12:45 Twisters practice (Gold Gym)
  *5:00 GBB/BBB vs. Baltic @home
Dec. 20 *9:00 5&6 GBB practice (Gold Gym)
  *1:00-2:30 K-4 Open Gym (Gold Gym)
  *2:30-4:00 5-8 Open Gym (Gold Gym)
Dec. 21 *6:30 4&5 BBB Practice (Gold Gym)
Dec. 22 *No School
Dec. 23 *No School
  *6:30 GBB vs. Freeman @ home
Dec. 24 *No School
Dec. 26 *No School
Dec. 27 *3:00 GBB/BBB Buseman Classic @ home
Dec. 28 *6:30 4&5 BBB practice (Gold Gym)
Dec. 29 *No School
  *BBB @ Parkston Classic
Dec. 30 No School
Dec. 31 *No School

2:30 pm - 4:30 pm Twisters Practice Gold Gym